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Hoses for concrete pumps

We bring a revolutionary concrete hose with various diameters and lengths suitable for all concrete pumps.

Concreting blocks, wreaths and concreting in narrow spaces is now easier, safer and cleaner.

No problems with safety at work - due to the absence of a metal end on the hose.

concrete hose

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Key benefits of the Mortar hose

Return on investment

Fast return on investment. Charge the hose surcharge as an additional hose. For example, with 4 concretings per day 4x5 € = 20 €, the investment will be returned within 2 months!


High quality, not just marketing. For example fire hoses have been used in the Netherlands since 1988!


Easy handling. Wash thoroughly after concreting and it is ready for further use.


Suitable for all types of concrete, including wire concrete.

Purpose of use

Hose for the construction industry

Thanks to its properties, it significantly increases the safety of use, due to the minimal risk of whipping the end of the hose, which is a serious risk when using rigid hoses.

Made from extruded thermoplastic polyether based polyurethane (TPU) with excellent wear & tear characteristics.


  • Lightweight, safe and easy to use hose for concrete pumps.
  • Ideal for ICF forms, as well as high walls and columns with limited space.
  • Improved flow and placement speed control compared to conventional concrete drain hoses.
  • Excellent abrasion resistance.


  • Complies with or exceeds strict safety regulations, such as North American ASME B30.27 2009.
  • Through the weave extruded hose of TPU and ultra strong aramid yarns 
  • Very strong connection between the cover and the lining and encapsulates the reinforcement.


  • 1/3 lighter than a traditional flexible hose.
  • Safer operation and excellent maneuverability.
  • Excellent wear resistance.
  • Variable lengths.
  • Easier operation at heights.
  • Light color for visibility and safety.
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning.
  • Rollable for storage and transport.
  • Minimal risk of whipping.
hose for concrete pumps

Standard hose for concrete pumps

Concrete hose with pressure control

Prices Mortar

Price of hoses according to dimensions

Lengh 3 m, diameter 100 mm, with ending
558 € without VAT
Lengh 3 m, diameter 125 mm, with ending
708 € without VAT
Lengh 5 m, diameter 100 mm, with ending
741 € without VAT
Lengh 5 m, diameter 125 mm, with ending
958 € without VAT

* price without postage and packing

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