Revolutionary concrete hosefor all concrete pumps

Concreting hose with easy handling.

For safer and cleaner work.

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Why our product

Hose for concrete pumps

We bring a revolutionary concrete hose with various diameters and lengths suitable for all concrete pumps. Concreting blocks, wreaths and concreting in narrow spaces is now easier, safer and cleaner.

No problems with safety at work, due to the absence of a metal end on the hose.

hadica na betónovú pumpu

Types of products

Different sizes of hoses to choose from

Our flat "Mortar" hose significantly improves the control of flow and deposition speed compared to conventional concrete discharge hoses.

Lightweight, easy to use and safe hose for concrete pumps

concrete hose 3m 100mm

length: 3 m

diameter: 100 mm

558 € without VAT

concrete hose 3m 125mm

length: 3 m

diameter: 125 mm

708 € without VAT

concrete hose 5m 100mm

length: 5 m

diameter: 100 mm

741 € without VAT

concrete hose 5m 125mm

length: 5 m

diameter: 125 mm

958 € without VAT

* the prices are with the connection terminal, without postage and packing

Our assortment

Other products

What else can you find in our offer? We bring to the market high-quality products tailored to customer requirements, which operate at a high level of operation and at the same time maintain cost-effectiveness.

At the same time, emphasis is placed on contributing to the improvement of your employees' occupational safety and environmental characteristics.

hose mantex


Compressed air

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hose mantex hp

Mantex HP

Compressed air, high operating pressure

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hose flexitex


Agriculture and mining

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hose flexitex

Flexitex Extra

More demanding conditions in agriculture and the mining industry

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hose superman


Energy, agriculture, mining, fire protection

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hose ultraman


Extremely durable hose for energy, agriculture, mining industry

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hose dragman


Hose for agriculture, mining industry

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hose dragman

Dragman Extra

Designed to withstand extreme tensile forces

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hose dragman

Dragman Premium

Extra thick hose designed to withstand tensile forces

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Features and price list

Specifications and price of hoses

For more information on the properties and parameters of hoses, please contact us.

Let us know the purpose for which you want to use the product. We will be happy to advise you on the selection and send you a price list of specific products according to your size specification.

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